SBIC in “Iran Solo Exhibition in Kabul in 2020”

The economic importance of Kabul province has made it a trade and economic heart of Afghanistan and one of the major poles of economy and trade in this country. Another advantage is feeding large parts of the Pakistan market through traders in Kabul. The other important point is the strategic view and policy making of Sepahan Battery Industrial Complex (SBIC) for using the great potential of Afghanistan and expanding the export from Iran, using boundary markets. According to the official, balancing international trade, especially with Afghanistan is one of the major strategies of Iran in foreign trade, and Iran’s goal is to establish a balanced trade between the two countries. Having shared historical, cultural, political, and economic backgrounds, Iran and Afghanistan have been allies for many years and the strategic cooperation between the two countries has been broadened especially over the past two decades.

SBIC participated in Iran Solo Exhibition in Kabul in 2020, introducing its products and new technologies to the participants in the exhibition. During the exhibition, SBIC also held an event with the major traders and spare parts wholesalers in order to introduce its new technologies and products with more details.