In Sepahan Battery Industrial Complex (SBIC) we use the casting production system to reduce the production deviation of homogeneous grids in certain types of batteries. There are two methods for grids casting: 1. Double casting technology used for industrial batteries, which produces positive and negative plates. 2. Rotary casting technology to produce negative grids that used in car type batteries.


We use expanded metal (Ex-met) technology in grid production at SBIC for some battery types. In this method, at first the lead strip is prepared after casting and collected as a coil. After passing the aging time, the produced strips enter the pasting line. Then the coil is opened and converted into a continuously expanded strip by expanded technology in the performer machine. The expanding strips that are produced, pasting and then cut by a divider into single plates.


In the punching system, the lead alloy is poured into large stripes and rolled in the form of rolled stripes that are gradually punched in the punch machine and transformed into grids. Using this process, designing and shaping grid patterns are possible. The benefit of this system is reducing the grid expansion to support active material retention. SBIC implements this technology and manufactures grids for some battery types using this method.