In Sepahan Battery Industrial Complex (SBIC), the casting production system is used to diversify the product offering, complete the product portfolio, meet customer needs, and produce special types of batteries. There are two methods for grid casting: 1) Gravity casting technology to produce positive and negative plates of industrial batteries. 2) Rotary casting technology to produce negative grids used in automotive batteries.


Sepahan Battery Company uses Ex-met technology in the production of plate for some types of batteries. In this method, first the lead strip is prepared after continuous casting and rolling and collected in coils. Then the strip is uncoiled and produced using Expanded Network Performer, and then active masses are added to the grids by a pasting machine, and finally they are cut into single sheets by divider. After passing through the drying tunnel, the pasted plates are finally collected and stacked.


In the punching system, the lead alloy is cast in wide strips and after passing through the rolling system, they are rolled into coils, which are gradually punched in the punching machine and turned into grids. The advantage of this system is to reduce the growth of the plate to preserve the active masses. Using this technology, the plates required for some products are provided.