Vision & Mission of Sepahan battery industrial complex

“Superior producer and supplier of automotive batteries, and leading in offering new innovation in Iran and region. Also our goal is being one of the largest manufacturers of automotive batteries in Asia”.

Sepahan battery industrial complex, known as a manufacturer and distributer of all kinds of automotive batteries and battery plates. It also exports its products and technical and engineering services to all around the world by relying on customer orientation, leading in quality and high flexibility in line with technologies. This company pays attention to increase effective employment and deepening human values in its activities by focusing on efficiency, R&D, innovation and profitability. Also, it strives to establish communication with employees and customers based on human values offering its products in Iran and other countries through industrial units, OEM and spare part sellers.

Sepahan Battery Industrial Complex’s Values

سپاهان باتری پشتیبان نوآوری‌های داخلی و خارجی است.


ایمنی در کار حرف اول را در سپاهان باتری میزند


قتدار سپاهان باتری با توانگری مردمانش افزایش می یابد.


سپاهان باتری پشتیبان نوآوری‌های داخلی و خارجی است.


فعالیت‌های ما در سپاهان باتری می‌بایست کارایی و اثربخشی داشته باشد.


رشد و ترقی در سپاهان باتری بالندگی می آفریند.