SBIC is selected as the top exporter in 2020

Sepahan Battery Industrial Complex (SBIC) was selected as the “Isfahan Province’s Top Exporter” in 2020. Export is one of the missions of SBIC. Over the years SBIC has gained an advantage against its competitors in national and international markets and has become the most popular brand in the battery industry in Iran and some other countries.

SBIC exports its products to GCC, CIS, European, and African countries and its goal is to develop the target markets. This company was selected as the “Isfahan Province’s top exporter” in 2020 by the Isfahan Chamber of Commerce with the presence of a group of government officials and also top exporters of different industries. SBIC has become a source of pride for its town and country and hopes to enter new markets by the help of its business partners, specialized human resources, and world-class technology.